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Franklin's World

franklinsworldAs well as being the founder of As Green As It Gets, Franklin Voorhes also fancies himself as a bit of a writer!

After much bribery, begging and large quantities of chocolate he finally allowed us to put some of his articles online.

These articles are written to provide food for thought.  Be prepared to challenge your perceptions not only of Guatemala, but of larger world economic and social systems.  Franklin's work reflects personal experiences and connects them to a more global perspective.

You'll find his writing style quirky, engaging and full of imagery.  Franklin will teach you about economics while giving you a laugh all at the same time.

So please enjoy...

Franklins World!

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I'm Not Tough Enough to be a Guatemalan Woman

I’m not tough enough to be a Guatemalan woman. Any Guatemalan woman can tell you that.  I try to be as tough as a Guatemalan man, and sometimes I succeed.  If a compañero is hauling 100 lbs of cement on his back or 100 lbs of chicken feed, I try to lend a hand.  Though I can feel my spine permanently compacting as I haul bricks up a mountain, I never complain.  It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s because a few steps in front of me is a woman, hauling the same load I have.  The only difference is she is doing it barefoot, with the weight balanced on her head and a baby on her back.  I’m looking for my final resting spot before the coronary hits while she’s supporting life for two.  I'm just not that tough.

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Creating wealth

Creating wealth.  This is a dry economics lesson.  It is intended for those serious about microfinance and developing communities, those with too much time, and those who can’t sleep.

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Backwards Farmers or Backwards Thinking?

stubborn_mule_00CA548E-046C-698F-D4B8489DB3FA6A3FI’ve been guilty of thinking that a farmer in the hills of Guatemala is backwards. I realize now that he and I simply have different world views, neither of which is right nor wrong.

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Conserving Water to be As Green As It Gets

scubaSan Miguel farmers use very little water to process their coffee. Pound for pound of coffee, they use less than 5% of the water used by large plantations. Just how are they different?

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Where does the Caffeine Go?

As Green As It Gets’ Primer on Decaffeinated Coffee...

caffeineCaffeine is removed from green coffee beans by soaking them in a solvent that is capable of dissolving caffeine. In the old days, these solvents were light hydrocarbons, like the butane in your cigarette lighter or the benzene that is added to your gasoline. The idea of coffee soaked in carcinogens wasn’t palatable, so new solvents came into vogue.

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