House Spring Cleaning Checklist Everyone Should Know!

Once the winter frost dissipates and the warmer weather rolls around, you know that house spring cleaning is upon you again. Those dirty countertops and dusty windows will all need to go on your list to ensure your home is looking fresh and new. Not everyone is sure where to start, which is why we have carefully compiled a checklist below for everyone!

_Clean dirty windows

Grab some old newspaper you have left over, and in a spray bottle, mix a quarter part vinegar to two parts water with a bit of liquid soap. Using the spray bottle, make sure to evenly spray the solution on all of your windows. You can then dry the glass with old newspapers as the ink on the paper acts as an abrasive to remove grime.

_Organize fridge and cabinets

The accumulated foods you don’t eat or have expired long ago only seem to increase during the winter. Use spring cleaning to throw out old foods and to organize your cabinets and fridge. Lazy Susans are a great way to do just that as they allow you to maximize the space inside of cabinets. You can also use small plastic boxes or baskets to accomplish a cleaner kitchen.

_Switch out your wardrobe

It only makes perfect sense that your winter wardrobe just won’t do for the spring and summer. Instead of folding your clothes and laying them flat in your dresser, consider hanging them for easy access and a cleaner look.

_Clean upholstery

Spring is a great time to clean your upholstery, curtains, and your carpets. You can certainly do this on your own, but if your upholstery requires special care, you may wish to hire a professional to handle the task. Bonus idea: use a cheap window squeegee to remove pet hair from carpeting as the rubber is able to grip the hairs.

_Dust your air vents

Since you’ve undoubtedly used your central heating quite a bit, take the time to clean your air vents. Using a butter knife, wrap it in a small microfiber cloth to take the dust out between the slats.

_Dust your rooms

You shouldn’t just focus on your air vents as plenty of other places are culprits for dust. Your furnishings, knick knacks, and even baseboards can accumulate dust. Use an old broom handle wrapped in cloth to help you clean those hard to reach places!

_Rearrange your furniture

Some people do this regularly, and others rarely, but rearranging your furniture can make your home look fresh and new for spring. Moving furniture is also a great way to blow off steam and deep clean nooks and crannies. Make sure to place towels under the feet of your furniture as furnishings can scratch laminate and wood flooring.

Are you ready for the nice weather? If so, take the time to really give your home a deep clean. During the process, you may also wish to declutter and donate the things you don’t use. Take it one step at a time, and you won’t feel overwhelmed!