Supporting sustainable economic development
and direct trade in Guatemala

Who We Are


As Green As It Gets is made up of hard-working coffee farmers, skilled artisans, generous donors, countless partners, and a dedicated team of permanent staff and short-term volunteers. We connect the local community and family networks of San Miguel Escobar with international alliances of enthusiastic supporters, coffee roasters and cafes around the world.



Our artisans are talented individuals and families who have been inspired to express elements of their culture through traditional and unique handicrafts. Their creations include jade jewelry, iron art, carpentry, ceramics and a range of textiles.


Our farmers are ambitious, independent agricultural families from around Guatemala  who are learning the value-added skills of processing, decaffeinating, roasting and exporting their product.


Our team works hard to make As Green As It Gets’ vision a reality. We provide administrative, business, and technical support to farmers and cooperatives and help to spread the word about our work.