Supporting sustainable economic development
and direct trade in Guatemala

Common Hope

As Green As It Gets™ receives substantial support from Common Hope, a not-for-profit family development agency in Guatemala.

The heart of Common Hope’s work in Guatemala is education. They provide the necessary resources for over 2,700 children to attend school each year in seventeen villages outside of Antigua and Guatemala City.  They understand that education is about more than books and uniforms – a comprehensive approach is critical to help students and their families to reach their full potential. For this reason we also focus our efforts on health care, housing, and family development.

It's hard to dream of a better future when your life is unstable and you can't count on anything from day to day.  The families they partner with know that Common Hope is there for them.  They provide the stability that makes dreams - like graduating from high school - come true.

Every day, we are reminded that people accomplish amazing things when given a chance. Read about some of their success stories here.