Supporting sustainable economic development
and direct trade in Guatemala


Filiberto Coffee Farmer

Filiberto Salazar is the best known of all the farmers in the As Green As It Gets community. For years, he has been inviting people into his home to share breakfast with his family before taking a two hour hike up the volcano to his land. There he recounts the story of how he was virtually held hostage for two years during the civil war.

The civil war now behind him, Filiberto is working hard to support his large family. Their home is made of cornstalks and tin, held together with barbed wire and love. Two years ago, Filiberto planted 1800 coffee plants, primarily on his own land, but also on a small quarter-acre plot made available through As Green As It Gets. One year ago, he planted an additional acre purchased under the same program. He has also increased his coffee production through a creative contract of renting and tending productive coffee land from owners who are unable to farm any longer.