Supporting sustainable economic development
and direct trade in Guatemala

The Team

  • Andy web

    Andrew Feldman has served as Executive Director of As Green of It Gets since September 2012. Andy joined AGAIG in 2011, when he was drawn to AGAIG's comprehensive approach improving the lives of coffee farmers and close integration with farming communities. In his free time he enjoys taking in the natural beauty of Guatemala through travel, hiking, and biking. He holds a B.A. in Political Science and International Studies from Yale University.

  • Devon

    In her undergraduate studies, Devon Wilson was captivated by the overseas adventures of her Anthropology professors. She soon began to dream of following the same path – travelling and learning about intercultural diversity and social development in our world first-hand. While working for a university near her city of Vancouver, Canada, she volunteered to support NGO projects in East Africa and Thailand. After graduating with an MA in Anthropology and Global Development from Sussex University in 2011, she finally found herself flying over the beautiful volcanic landscape of Guatemala, where she volunteered for As Green As It Gets as Tourism Coordinator. She has since decided to stay on as Volunteer Coordinator in San Miguel Escobar. Her goals are to support AGAIG projects while improving her Spanish in order to better know the people in this place she so quickly fell in love with. She likes to dance and rescue sea turtles in her spare time

  • franklin

    Franklin Voorhes is the founder of As Green As It Gets. While volunteering in Guatemala in 2004, years ago, Franklin saw an opportunity to work with coffee farmers to produce a marketable product whose profits would improve farmers’ quality of life. He piloted a small business development program with coffee farmer Felix Porón, and its success prompted the launch of AGAIG. Franklin currently serves as Appropriate Technology Director, overseeing the development and implementation of AGAIG's technology programs.

    Follow Franklin's thoughts and writings here on his blog.

  • Jane web

    Jane Atkinson is happy to be joining the As Green As It Gets team as the Tourism Coordinator. Having just received her Masters degree in Social Work with an emphasis in community organizing, Jane is excited to be back in Guatemala and working for an organization with such a strong focus on local leadership and empowerment. Jane’s interests include reading, theater, and enjoying the outdoors.

  • Jason headshot

    Jason Parker joined As Green As It Gets as Development Director in October 2012. Having visited AGAIG in 2010 he was inspired by our approach to poverty alleviation. With 6 years fundraising and fundraising management experience, and having completed an MSc in International Development at the University of Bath in England, Jason has a strong commitment to economic development and sustainable agriculture.

  • Kevin

    Kevin Sebold is a multi-talented green thumb who has been volunteering with AGAIG for over seven years. He used to climb Volcán Agua nearly every day to help the farmers in their coffee fields and now devotes his days to building a sustainable cocoa roaster with the goal of having cocoa farmers produce a final end product (chocolate bars). He has dug water catchments to reduce the impact of canicula (two-week drought in the rainy season) on young plants and planted seedlings to help farmers intercrop their fields. When not busy with the chocolate-making, Kevin is an avid photographer with a keen eye for the looming volcanoes. You can find his art on sale around Antigua!

  • Lottie

    Having spent 3 years working her way up the fundraising ladder in the UK for an international development NGO, Lottie Riddle decided it was time to get out the office, jump on a plane to Central America and be on the doorstep of the communities she is fundraising for. This brought her to San Miguel and the wonderful AGAIG team. Lottie enjoys running around the streets of Antigua, attempting to speak Spanish and all outdoor activities. Since arriving at AGAIG she has discovered her talent for bricklaying on the construction projects! Lottie has a BA in Geography, which explains her obsession with maps and an MA in International Development and Gender Studies.

  • Mindy web

    Mindy Grantham joined AGAIG in January 2013 originally as a marketing volunteer, but fell in love with the organization and Guatemala, and never left. She is now serving as the Director of Marketing and Communications. Mindy has over 20 years of marketing experience in branding, advertising, public relations, CRM, research and more. In her free time she enjoys learning about and experiencing the history of Guatemala, hiking and reading. She holds a B.S. in Mass Communications from Moorhead State University, Moorhead, Minnesota, USA and an MBA from the University of Minnesota.

  • pedro

    Pedro Roberto Carcuz Gamboa joined AGAIG in 2011 as an all-around renaissance handy-man. Primarily a construction maestro, Pedro can do almost anything you ask him to. Originally from Jocotenango, he now lives in San Mateo Milpas Altas with his wife Mayra and six children. Pedro's number one talent is his contagious smile and energetic personality. Coming in at just under 4'10", the man can light up a room just by being in it.

  • timoteo

    Timoteo Minas joined AGAIG in 2006 as the treasurer. He is also a member of the San Miguel Escobar co-op board and frequently conducts tours for AGAIG on his property. His land is on Volcan Agua, with a hike of at least 45 minutes at his speed (and much slower for those of us from lower altitudes). His wife is a mean cook, so if you are lucky enough to get on his tour, make sure you include the meal. When not working his land, Timoteo works as a brickalyer. Recently he has been using his skills to supervise construction at the recreation space he is donating to the San Miguel Escobar community.